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Doing business in an ethical, honest, and transparent manner have always been cornerstones for Sabrina, so it is only natural that Dally+Toil embody those principles, and commit to responsible practices as it applies to the jewelry industry.

It is very important that this is visual to the client, as it will not only educate on what to expect of Dally+Toil, but it will hold Dally+Toil accountable to continue this as the business progresses. All business decisions should be made without sacrifice to these principles.

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About me

I think the world is changing, and I would love to be a part of that change. What was once important just doesn’t seem so important anymore, or at least not to me. I want the Dally+Toil brand to make beautiful things, but not at the cost of beautiful people or our beautiful environment. That is why the focus will always be principled by Ethos that will lead the business, an open mind on how to support the under supported, and if the brand will be known for anything, I hope it is for lifting others up (and that includes clients!). Dally+Toil, as a brand, will strive to present jewelry in a transparent manner that finds ways to support the whole supply chain, and I, as a person, will strive to bridge “old school” and “new school” jewelers and bring industry issues to a platform for conversation to move into a better future for the industry. Cue Ethical In Action.

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Ethical in action

Hidden within the jewelry industry, there are many practices which have a pretty awful impact on the world, its people and other living things. Probably you know about many of these issues, but it’s just as likely that you may not, or may not know what to do about most of them.

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